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How to Advertise Rental Property: Do’s & Don’ts for California City Investors

How to Advertise Rental Property

To find a great tenant, you need to properly advertise rental property. The best place to advertise is online, but yard signs still have a place in your marketing plan. Post a sign at the property so people who are driving or walking through the neighborhood will see it. Make sure it includes your contact information and some general details about the home, such as price and number of bedrooms. (more…)

Do Landlords Have to Have Insurance? Kern County, CA

One of the most common questions we hear from rental property owners is: do landlords have to have insurance? The answer is, yes. As a landlord, you need insurance to cover your investment in case of a fire, flood, or major catastrophe. More importantly, you need to protect yourself against liability. Talk to your insurance agent or your property manager about what you need in a good landlord policy. Today, we’re covering some of the basics.


How to Buy an Investment Property: Real Estate Investing for Beginners

If you want to successfully invest in real estate, you need to know how to buy rental property. Many property owners fall into the trap of looking for a home that appeals to them. Remember, you won’t be living in this property – tenants will. So, the stainless steel appliances and deluxe master bathroom suite may not be necessary when you’re looking for an investment property. (more…)

6 Ways to Avoid Landlord-Tenant Disputes | Kern County Property Management Advice

Avoid Landlord Tenant Disputes

Landlord-tenant disputes are often the result of poor communication or one party not understanding their responsibilities. The worst disputes can lead to court appearances, and those rarely work out well for landlords. These six tips will help avoid these disputes, and develop and maintain a positive working relationship with your tenants. (more…)

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