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About Us

At JBL & Associates, we provide reputable property management services in California City and the surrounding Tehachapi, Rosamond, and Mojave areas. Our clients range from investors with large portfolios of rental properties to landlords with a single home to rent. We provide customized services that are designed based on your unique needs. Many years of experience in the real estate and property management fields have brought us to where we are today.

Why Work With JBL & Associates Property Management
We got started as a mortgage brokerage in 1988, and our interests and expertise has involved through the entire real estate cycle. Property management is what we really love, and it’s what we do best. As the property management division of IMC Real Estate, Inc. we are able to devote our time and resources to managing properties while offering sales and investment services as well.

In addition to being professional managers, we have been real estate investors for over 40 years. That gives us a unique ability to know exactly what our tenants, property owners, investors and landlords want and expect from their rental properties. We advise investors acquiring new properties based on our market knowledge and our personal experience.

Our team of professionals can offer you transparency, responsiveness and the industry insight you need to maximize the return on your investment. Instead of working for your property, we make your property work for you.