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How to Advertise Rental Property: Do’s & Don’ts for California City Investors

How to Advertise Rental Property

To find a great tenant, you need to properly advertise rental property. The best place to advertise is online, but yard signs still have a place in your marketing plan. Post a sign at the property so people who are driving or walking through the neighborhood will see it. Make sure it includes your contact information and some general details about the home, such as price and number of bedrooms.

Advertise Rental Property: Do Take Professional Photos

Real estate investors must take high quality photographs for their advertisements. If you have dark or unfocused photos, tenants will not bother reading the description, and they won’t want to visit the property. Hire a professional to take good pictures inside and outside of the home. Your property will really stand out, and you’ll get a larger pool of potential tenants interested in seeing it.

Advertise Rental Property: Do Use Online Listings

Most tenants are looking for rental homes online. If you’re working with a professional property management company, you can expect to see your listing on their website. Your advertisement should also be syndicated out to some of the top rental websites, including, Hotpads, Zillow, and Trulia. Post as many great photos as you can, and write a detailed description that gives viewers accurate, engaging information about the property.

Advertise Rental Property: Don’t Overprice your Property

Be prepared to adjust your price based on the feedback you get from your ad. If you aren’t getting any responses, or you’re only hearing from unqualified renters, you may need to lower your price. You don’t want to overprice your home because it will be vacant on the market longer, and you’ll lose money. If there’s a lot of competition, you may need to offer an incentive like a new appliance or half off the pet fee. Pay attention to the market.

Advertise Rental Property: Don’t Fall Victim to Scams

advertising-rental-propertyThere are a lot of dishonest people out there who want to take advantage of landlords and tenants. Watermark your photos so they can’t be used by someone else, and talk to all interested parties yourself so you know they are legitimate renters. Craigslist is a great place to advertise because it gets a lot of traffic, but there are a lot of scams found on that site. Be vigilant.

These are just a few of the ways to advertise your rental property. We can help you with a full-service marketing plan. If you have any questions about advertising or California City property management, please contact us at JBL & Associates. We’d be happy to help you.

Posted by: Fred Whitney on November 16, 2018
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